• A Little About Ashley

  • The Real Me:

  • I say “Just Kidding” and “Perfect” a lot. Starbucks and Target are my favorite stores. I dance daily in the living room accompanied by 2 little boys and the Mickey Mouse Club House theme song. Family dinners and Church are some of my favorite moments. God is my Savior. Love to smile and laugh until my cheeks hurt. Hugs are the absolute best. I get super excited about school supplies and pretty markers. Old fashion letters are awesome. My penpal is our 95 year old Great Aunt; she's truly an inspiration. Love to make others feel special. I want to make a difference in life. Always learning. Broken. Driven. Redeemed. Blessed. Be Inspired.

  • Hi there! I’m Ashley Lansford; photographer, proud wife to a fireman, and mom to two sweet little cotton-top boys. Born and raised near Dallas, Texas. I am very much a Southern Belle and believe in true Southern Hospitality. If i'm not taking pictures you can probably find me doing crafts with the boys or turning an empty diaper box into a race car ramp, but not before reading our "Jesus Book" as my toddler says and saying our prayers over white powder donuts.

    The goal in purchasing my first "real" camera was to document cherished family moments, but a deep-rooted passion unleashed. I sought to learn advanced techniques and relished in putting my skills to use capturing moments for other people. I have continued to foster this passion and more than ever, I hope to use photography to inspire others, to show life’s deeper meaning, and prove that faith and dreams are real.

    After several years of working in the sales and hospitality industry, I took a huge leap of faith and decided to follow my calling for photography. It was a difficult decision, but I have never looked back. God’s faithfulness continues to show me He has greater plans in store than I could have ever imagined for myself.

    No two exact moments will ever be the same and as the years pass, we all become a little more busy making precious moment’s fly by a little faster than we might have hoped. Over the past few years I’ve learned that time is by far one of life’s most valuable gifts. It can‘t be repackaged, it can’t be reversed, and you can‘t order more at checkout. We’re all given time, some have a shorter amount than others but everyone is equally cherished. I’ve lost some close friends and family members in recent years and each time I’m reminded the value of time. With my husband previously military and now who works as a fireman, we’ve definitely learned to appreciate and treasure the time we have together. I believe this is why I’m so passionate about "capturing our history" with all the details that go along with it and not to let years go by without photographs to tell where we’ve been or what we’ve done.

  • My Style

    Photography has given me a way to connect to people by capturing their real, honest, raw emotions - their most valuable moments - just by photographing images of their own world. While I love capturing posed shots for bridals and couples, my primary focus is to capture your personality and lifestyle; the genuine connection between all of you. A baby’s sigh, children giggling, a husband gaze of admiration for his bride. Whether it’s a glowing new mother, a dad preparing for deployment, a couple insisting that their aging dog be included in their pictures, a family of 2 or 7, a couple celebrating their 50th anniversary, a birth, or a wedding. My goal is to bring out the true essence of each individual client. Each has their own story to tell and I’m honored to be the one to do it.

    It is truly rewarding to be able to capture irreplaceable moments, memories that would otherwise become faded and sometimes lost. It gives me great joy to provide something of such great value and to hear the delight of my clients when they receive something that they will cherish for years to come. My goal with each person I meet is to not only capture that specific moment, but to inspire them through the images and show them how beautiful their own world truly is.

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